Welcome to my projects page! Here, you'll find my latest creations, each showcasing the skills and technologies I've been actively practicing.

Hispanic Hackers Revamp

I enthusiastically volunteered to contribute to the revitalization of the website for our local nonprofit, Hispanic Hackers. Embracing the transition from React JS to Next JS, our team of five dedicated individuals collaborated closely. With a primary focus on enhancing the landing page. Drawing inspiration from a meticulously crafted Figma design, I infused the page with dynamic elements and engaging conditional rendering techniques. The result? A visually captivating and user-friendly landing page that reflects the vibrancy of our organization's mission. Curious to see the fruits of our labor? Take a peek at the final product through the link below! To Hispanic Hackers Website...

Hispanic Hackers Image

Other Projects...

Hispanic Hackers Image
Hispanic Hackers

I volunteered to help revamp the website for the local Hispanic Hackers nonprofit. They made the switch from React JS to Next JS for their website. I teamed up with four awesome individuals, and my focus was the landing page. I built the layout from the ground up, adding in some cool conditional rendering inspired by a Figma design. Check out the final product by clicking the link below!
updated 2023

To Hispanic Hacker website
Tic-Tac-Toe image
React Tic-Tac-Toe

I created a React tic-tac-toe game with modular components for the board and cells. State was managed using hooks like useState. I implemented game logic for wins and styled the UI with Tailwind CSS. This project offered hands-on experience in React, covering state, components, and UI.
updated 2024

To React Tik-Tac-Toe
Investment Calculator image
Investment Calculator

I created a React app for investment return forecasting, considering parameters like initial and annual investments, return rates, and duration. User input is stored in state for calculations, and data is efficiently passed between components using props. JavaScript functions ensure precise computation and monitoring of returns.
updated 2024

To Investment Calculator
Timer Game image
React Timer Game

I developed a React web game challenging players to stop a timer near zero. By strategically using React useRef and createPortal, I optimized performance, prevented component re-evaluation, and enhanced user experience with efficient DOM access and modal rendering.
updated 2024

To React Timer Game
refactor project
Store Front useContext and useReducer refactor

In this project, I successfully refactored a premade store website, transitioning from scattered state management to a centralized approach. Leveraging React's useContext and useReducer hooks, I consolidated state logic into a single store file for enhanced efficiency and maintainability.
updated 2024

To Refactor Project
Redux Project Image
Redux Counter Project

I developed a ReactJS project to practice Redux Toolkit, managing a counter and mock authentication. Created slices handle both states—incrementing, decrementing numbers, and toggling authentication status.
updated 2024

To Redux Counter

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